A missing scene

This is a cut scene from the first chapter where Martin first meets David at a mixer for the students going on the trip to Paris. Some of the dialogue was worked into other parts of the chapter, but this flashback moment ultimately broke up the flow. Diane gets a couple of extra zingers.

Martin knew David was curious. He remembered the evening in March when he had first laid eyes on David at the social for the students and chaperones to mix and mingle before the summer trip.

Martin had fancied himself looking vaguely glamorous as he swept into the library wearing a long black coat and hat, cheeks blushed from the cold. He pulled off his hat and shook out his hair, running a hand through to smooth it back. David had been standing right next to him, eyes moving from Martin’s face to the tattoo.

“Cool tattoo,” David said.


“How come I’ve never seen you before?”

“I don’t go to school here.”

“I didn’t think so.”

Martin stared at him, arms folded across his chest.

“So how did you…I mean, how are you going on this trip?” David was having trouble making complete sentences under Martin’s inscrutable gaze.

“I’m your chaperone,” Martin said, walking toward Diane who had been waving to him from across the library. He looked back over his shoulder and David was still staring. He was elated and couldn’t wait to ask Diane about him.

“Who is that?” he asked.

Diane looked around Martin and whispered in his ear, “David McLaren. He’s our resident cocky jock boy that every girl wants to go down on.”

“And the boys, too, I bet.”

“He plays baseball, swims…runs with his own kind. You are not his kind…not even Close Encounters of the Third Kind. And he’s underage. Jailbait. Michael Jackson fodder.”

“He’s too old for Michael.”

“And too young for you. Now get some punch and keep your dick in your pants. I’m thrilled your libido appears to be reemerging from dormancy, but this ain’t the guy. Use him as a jack off fantasy and move on.”

Martin had ignored Diane and called David. They had gone to a movie and a dance club where David had to sneak in because he was underage and they had driven around in David’s prize possession—a Jeep. There was always something unspoken in those moments. A good time was had, but Martin always went home feeling that something else needed to be said. David had to know Martin was gay, but it was never mentioned, and only alluded to by subtle flirtations.

David asked questions about Martin’s past and he had carefully sidestepped them all. One night David came and picked him up in the Jeep. They drove for over an hour, not speaking, the radio turned down to a low hum.

“Thanks, man” David said as he dropped Martin off at his apartment. “I just needed to get out and drive and think about some stuff, but I didn’t want to be alone. You know.”

Martin had smiled and nodded, but he didn’t know, not really. David was a moody boy, and that drew Martin like a moth to flame. Just like it had drawn him to Peter.


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