Dream casting the Conquering Venus film

Although the character of Irène is based on the great actress Jeanne Moreau, everyone at the Facebook Fan Page for Conquering Venus thinks Catherine Deneuve would be perfect.

William Mosely, who plays Peter in The Chronicles of Narnia films, was my pick to play Martin.

Parker Posey would be a treat as the edgy, crazy and hilarious Diane.

Sexy Mitch Hewer, best known for his role in the hit UK series Skins, got a thumbs up to play David.


Joy said…
CD is still second to Jeanne Moreau - but I love the rest. I don't know Mitch Hewer, but he looks perfect. Now that you've said Parker Posey I can't believe we ever talked about anyone else for Diane!
Collin Kelley said…
Yeah, I'm picturing Parker more and more as Diane when I'm writing her in the second book.

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