An update on the Venus sequel

I wanted to give a full status update for those who have asked so kindly about when the next book in the Venus trilogy will be published. The goal is to have a finished draft before the holidays. Then a couple of trusted friends and my editor will get their hands on it to make suggestions. Then, it's off to Vanilla Heart, who will decide when they want to put it out and all the planning that entails. It might be late 2011 or it could be 2012.

The story picks up two years after the events in Conquering Venus on the night Princess Diana dies in Paris. Martin is living with Irène on rue Rampon and he's been dating an Englishman, Euan, who bought the apartment across the hall and runs a bookshop on the Left Bank called the Anglophile. Martin has had no contact with David since 1995. and while he's tried to commit to Euan, he's still restless.

Diane has returned to Memphis after blowing her savings traveling across Europe and has been forced to move in with her parents. She's about to start a new job teaching in a private school, when she has an explosive encounter with David's parents. David has gone missing and they believe he's headed to Paris to reconnect with Martin. Diane goes to Paris to try and intercept him, but she finds out that David's "disappearance" is more than just a missing person case with connections to drugs, crime and stolen identities in the City of Lights.

Meanwhile, Irène has hired a private detective to help her track down her late husband's lover, Frederick. From Provence to Calais to the Rhone Valley, the detective has been in hot pursuit of the elusive man, who holds the key to Jean-Louis' mysterious death. And Irène is having strange dreams again, that seem to be a backwards puzzle that are leading her to an inevitable confrontation with Frederick.

It's a very intricate plot, full of new characters and even has a touch of thriller about it. While it's a sequel, the book will also stand on its own. I can't wait for you to read it!


Anonymous said…
Hurry! I want the next book.


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