Another sequel update

As you can see from the previous post – the INTERPOL memo – the sequel to Conquering Venus has more of a mystery/thriller vibe. It's not going to be The Bourne Identity or anything like that (although Martin does leap across a rooftop in one scene – hmmm...), but there are detectives, policemen and one secret agent. The challenge has been to keep the characters and plot as grounded and realistic as possible while ratcheting up the mystery aspect.

Venus was not marketed as a mystery, although two of its major plot lines do fall into that category. The mystery of Peter's suicide is revealed at the end of Venus, but what happened to Irène's husband and the last person to see him alive, his lover Frederick, remained unanswered.

Since I want this book to be both a sequel and a standalone book for those who haven't read Venus, the book opens with Martin writing a letter to David that succinctly wraps up the action from the first book and launches the reader into the new story.

Back to writing!


TNBBC Super Mod said…
Collin, it sounds facinating and tantalizing. What a teaser! I cannot wait... when do the ARC's become available? (is it rash of me to want to one?)

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