Article at Lambda Literary

The folks at Lambda Literary asked me to compile a list of 10 LGBT novels for teens that deal with suicide  and bullying. With the recent tragic suicides of gay teens, I hope this list will be a resource for young people and adults. The list includes books by such notables as Alex Sanchez and Kate Bornstein, and new books that definitely deserve your attention. You can read the article at this link.

Conquering Venus is set in motion by the suicide of Martin's boyfriend, Peter, who is fearful that is coming out of the closet will mean banishment from his family and circle of friends. David, who Martin falls in love with on the trip to Europe, is also tormented by his sexuality because of his parents' religious view and intolerance.

If you or a teen you know is suicidal or being bullied because of their sexuality, please read one of the books in the article. It does get better.


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