Vanilla Heart Dine-A-Round Celebration

Just in time for the holidays – books and food! What more could you want? Vanilla Heart Publishing authors have planned a scrumptious menu for an elegant dinner party. The recipes for this Dine-A-Round Celebration Sale are inspired by VHP titles, so I chose something essentially French since Conquering Venus is set in Paris.

While I was in the City of Light over the summer, I stopped by rue Rampon and asked Irène Laureux to share her crème brulée recipe. She was busily editing a manuscript and chain-smoking Gauloises, but she rummaged through a notebook in the kitchen and found a faded piece of paper with the following recipe. As part of this fun event, you can buy the ebook version of Conquering Venus – as well as titles by fellow VHP authors – for just $3.99! See all the books at this link.

Visit my Modern Confessional blog to see the recipe and the full menu from VHP authors!


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