Meet the new characters of Remain in Light

The main characters from "Conquering Venus" are in limbo when "Remain in Light" begins: Irène has yet to find Frederick, the man who holds the answers to her husband's death; Martin is involved with an older man, but is unhappy in the relationship; Diane is back in Memphis living with her parents; and David's whereabouts are uncertain. The story begins on Aug. 31, 1997 - the night of Princess Diana's fatal car crash in Paris - and re-introduces the characters from "Venus" as well as six new ones.

Euan McEvoy: The thirtysomething owner of The Anglophile bookstore on the Left Bank and Martin's boyfriend.

Christian Riva: The young poet Martin falls in love with, who just might be too good to be true.

Bernard Sullivan: A private detective hired by David's parents to find their missing son.

V. Hugo: The former mystery writer, descendant of that other V. Hugo, and detective hired by Irène to help her find Frederick.

Inspector Arnaud: The hostile, bigoted Paris police officer whose interest in David's disappearance hides a bigger agenda.

Frederick Dubois: The elusive man who holds the key to Jean-Louis Laureux's death in 1968.


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