More retailers and a new review

My novels, Conquering Venus and Remain In Light, and my poetry collection, Better To Travel, are all available at Espresso Book Machine locations in the US and Canada. You walk up to the machine, find the book you want to purchase, and the machine prints and binds the book in minutes on the spot. Very cool! Find out more at this link.

I'm also thrilled that Remain in Light and Conquering Venus are now available for purchase online in the UK at WHSmith either as eBooks or trade paperbacks.

Many thanks to Will Kenyon for his insightful review of Remain In Light at his blog, Will Kenyon's Little Corner of the Universe.

Here's a choice bit: Stronger in voice, more sublime in style, and ultimately more intriguing than its predecessor and many of its contemporaries, Remain In Light stands as a great second entry in what Collin is calling his Venus Trilogy. 

Read the full review at this link.


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