Sibling Rivalry Press acquires The Venus Trilogy

I am thrilled to announce that The Venus Trilogy has a new home with Sibling Rivalry Press. Both Conquering Venus and Remain In Light will be republished very soon in brand new paperback and eBook editions. We already have gorgeous covers, courtesy of graphic designer extraordinaire Elizabeth Holmes, and Sibling Rivalry will also publish the final novel when it's complete, probably in 2015. I plan to announce the title of the third book one month from today, which also happens to be my birthday.

I cannot thank Bryan Borland and Seth Pennington at SRP enough for willing to take on this project. Finding the right home for The Venus Trilogy was crucial, and after this past year's incredible experience with SRP and Render, I know the books are in safe hands. As soon as we have a publication date for Conquering Venus and Remain In Light, I'll post it here. And everywhere.

The germ for Conquering Venus came from my very first trip to Paris back in 1995. I came home after those weeks away and started going through the poems I had written in my notebook. There was one poem (included in my first poetry collection, Better To Travel) about observing a gorgeous apartment across the street from my hotel on rue Rampon. The doors were open to a balcony full of flowers, and I could see a desk stacked with books and papers and the walls lined by bookcases. In the week that we were there, I never once saw the owner of that apartment, so I started to fantasize about who might live there. An older, Parisian woman. Maybe a book editor. Oh, she has agoraphobia. She's a widow after her husband died in some mysterious way. Then I started watching Jeanne Moreau's films, and the main character of The Venus Trilogy, Irène Laureux, sprang to life in my mind. Of course, she would need a sidekick – maybe someone sort of like me, but not – and Martin Paige was  born.

It's hard to believe I've been working on these novels for nearly 20 years, but it has been enormously satisfying – and a helluva lotta fun – creating this world. The fact that so many people have read these books and enjoyed them is gratifying. The award nominations and wins are just icing on the cake. If you've never read the first two books in the trilogy, here's a brand new opportunity.

For more about The Venus Trilogy and to watch the trailers, visit this link.


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